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djing?? by joffory
June 27, 2010, 4:56 pm
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first 10 people get cassette mixtapes!

Playing some excellent deep cuts from all over the musical spectrum. chaotic neutral.

so it looks to be a busy summer so far, just started new job workings and getting bills payed but life is good somehow.  Lots of music in shari lala’s and dakota slim, one off show in 2 boys and a girl, and lots of DJing starting soon. Potential thursday set at geisha?? sure ok BUUTTT check this.

nothing but the best musical vibes in existance check out new epic summer chillzone sweepers from Bathcrones


March 24, 2009, 5:30 pm
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Dog bite is my god

Dog bite is my god

Thank god for Dog Bite! He is providing my life with such good tunes its fucking insane. Either its the owls and eyes ep, whats on his myspace, or the mixtapes. Here we have his 2nd mixtape. and it fucking kills. just download, record it to a tape, and jam out to the stars forever, atleast thats what im doing. a bit more established people in this tape, not that he cares. im sure its just about the good jams and jams and thats it.wooo


1. Liquid Swords-GZA
2. Jimmy the Explorer-The White Stripes
3. Goodbye Girls-Broadcat
4. Late Night(unstoppable mix)-Diplo & Santogold
5. Yr God-TV On the Radio
6. China-Celebration
7. Dreamy Hiss-Rez
8. Good Time-Crystal Castles
9. Phantom Anthilis-Chad Vangaalen
10. Buy Me Lunch-C.R.A.C.
11. Bedroom Bossa Nova-Lullatone