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djing?? by joffory
June 27, 2010, 4:56 pm
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first 10 people get cassette mixtapes!

Playing some excellent deep cuts from all over the musical spectrum. chaotic neutral.

so it looks to be a busy summer so far, just started new job workings and getting bills payed but life is good somehow.  Lots of music in shari lala’s and dakota slim, one off show in 2 boys and a girl, and lots of DJing starting soon. Potential thursday set at geisha?? sure ok BUUTTT check this.

nothing but the best musical vibes in existance check out new epic summer chillzone sweepers from Bathcrones



MIXTAPE number 4! (mix number 3 is available on tape only – details soon)
chill tunes for jammin and enjoying a ginger ale on a nice back patio in this warm oakland summer winter thing thats going on


track list:
Namagirapettai Krishnan – Gnanavinayagane-Nattai
Myelin Sheaths – Do The Mental Twist
Soli – Negar
Magnetic Fields – Two Characters In Search Of A Country Song
TuNe-YaRdS – Real Live Flesh
oOoOO – NoSummer4u
Mariah – Shinzo No Tobira
The XX – VCR (Matthew Dear Remix)
Golden Triangle – Neon Noose
Joy Division
– Disorder
Piero Umiliani – Nel Villaggio
Zeigenbock Kopf – I Dig Men/Men’s Room
Dog Bite – Brand New

download links updated as of 4/20/010

STOP MAKING CENTS MIXTAPE 2!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY by joffory


FINALLY! Mixtape Number 2! Theme for this one is Fuzz dance party click the picture to download!

1. Mika Miko – Bastard In Love
2. The Belles – Come Back
3. Shannon and the Clams – You Can Come Over
4. No Bunny – I Am A Girlfriend
5. Bipolar Bear – Manbase
6. King Khan and BBQ Show – Zombies
7. The Kills – Dropout Boogie
8. Kim and Grim – You Don’t Love Me
9. PENS – High in the Cinema
10. The Thermals – A Passing Feeling
11. Dum Dum Girls – Sock In It
12. Little Girls – Venom
13. Devo – Social Fools


welcome aboard by joffory
April 10, 2009, 11:32 pm
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hey so as you all saw in the last post, we have a lady in the ranks here at STOPMAKINGCENTS now, which means MORE shit getting posted on here that is irrelevent, and more faint nipples to be seen in t-shirt promo shots. hot.  So everyone welcome PerpetualNoize with a great big middle finger or something.. so here she is:

perpetualnoize1photo edited to preserve dignity.

ALSO in an effort to like, have content or something sometimes.. here is a song by Teenage Panzerkorps (who was featured in our first and newest Mixtape!) its called the messenger

teenage panzerkorps myspace can be found here

Our First MIxxxxx by joffory
Mix Tape 1

Mix Tape 1

Hey so we have the first Stop Making Cents Mix tape here, you should listen to it. good things inside.



Jay Reatard – A Whisper

Aceface Mcgee Rachmoninof – Wizards Of The Coast

Knight Rider – Rocketship

Teenage Panzerkorps – Unfavorable Meanings

Grand Lake – She’s A Hater

Mike Bones – What I Have Left

The Horrors – Sea Within A Sea

Twin Powers – Subtract Chicago

may it provide good jams