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Local Yocals by joffory
April 23, 2010, 10:27 am
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So as i procrastinate my epic coachella youtube binge post, i would like you to examine the new music video from the oakland band Saything. They are one of the most solid rock bands I have seen around here and definitely have some of the grooviest math indie funk jams around. Their new album; which was recorded during their recent national tour, has just finished being mastered, so expect to hear more of them soon. For now: watch the video

it seems like everyone around is in that video, and if i hadnt been in at coachella id of been in there with a stupid look on my face im sure.


piping in from coachella by joffory
April 18, 2010, 11:49 am
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my 9th journey to the desert has been so far amazing. ill write more about it soon.. all you need to know right now

is die antwoord killed it

and here are almighty defenders being AMAZING

more to come as they come

im blogging about my hate right now by joffory
April 3, 2010, 7:37 pm
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Check out

New Pocahaunted song! truly one of the most amazing things ive had the joy of seeing in my history of music going. this new song is much more jammy than prior, but the fuller band lineup adds quite a bit to the soundscape while still lending itself to the girls voices oh so well

Pocahaunted – all of is of

(edit- did i never post the link? way to be a shitty blogger…)

Xiu Xiu + Tune Yards by joffory

man what a fucking shitty week, double muggings and too much sobriety and failing with girls. BUT I saw xiu xiu + tune yards + noveller last night in SF and fuck did it make life seem rad.

get rad with my video

so fucking good. I was a little EHHH I DUNNO about xiu xiu at first.. but man they won me over, you could cut the tension with knives. Merril of tune yards is an amazing performer and is truly inspiring. and sure alot of people can loop guitars and bla de bla but Noveller makes it sound like a fucking beautiful world is being made in front of you, even after some dude turned off her power strip and all her gear mid first song

its a nice day outside


MIXTAPE number 4! (mix number 3 is available on tape only – details soon)
chill tunes for jammin and enjoying a ginger ale on a nice back patio in this warm oakland summer winter thing thats going on


track list:
Namagirapettai Krishnan – Gnanavinayagane-Nattai
Myelin Sheaths – Do The Mental Twist
Soli – Negar
Magnetic Fields – Two Characters In Search Of A Country Song
TuNe-YaRdS – Real Live Flesh
oOoOO – NoSummer4u
Mariah – Shinzo No Tobira
The XX – VCR (Matthew Dear Remix)
Golden Triangle – Neon Noose
Joy Division
– Disorder
Piero Umiliani – Nel Villaggio
Zeigenbock Kopf – I Dig Men/Men’s Room
Dog Bite – Brand New

download links updated as of 4/20/010

Winter by joffory
January 11, 2010, 6:19 pm
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Its been a cold few days, and a generally freezing 2010 so far. so it only makes sense that ive had an album done by the man Ben Frost on repeat.
this is some brilliant work. Tim Hecker with more movement, and more brood. Excellent production, and its fucking heavy. I like his ghostbuster references as well. Also: anything named By The Throat has to be good.


listen to it here at his bandcamp

oh and

oakland jokeland

Roberto Miguel

Marmalade Mountain

for once there is alot of good vibes around here.

atleast someone still cares by joffory
January 5, 2010, 10:21 am
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welcome to 2010: the year of people trying to scrape by at tooth and nail

its going to be a good year.