Stop Making Cents

less inactivity, more inanity. by joffory
September 29, 2010, 3:53 pm
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So ive been pretty caught up in my DJing and lots of shows happening as of late in multiple bands and the blog fell to the wayside…. again….. SO heres something ive been doing

I recorded and play keyboards for this band. still not finished but it is something right?

also about to start recorded for the new religious girls album soon in october. should be killlller shit.

last project was recorded summer blondes, which you can hear some of here

new mix’s soon and new shit in general


djing?? by joffory
June 27, 2010, 4:56 pm
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first 10 people get cassette mixtapes!

Playing some excellent deep cuts from all over the musical spectrum. chaotic neutral.

so it looks to be a busy summer so far, just started new job workings and getting bills payed but life is good somehow.  Lots of music in shari lala’s and dakota slim, one off show in 2 boys and a girl, and lots of DJing starting soon. Potential thursday set at geisha?? sure ok BUUTTT check this.

nothing but the best musical vibes in existance check out new epic summer chillzone sweepers from Bathcrones

make it real by joffory
May 18, 2010, 1:01 pm
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Ian Curtis died 30 years ago

sharing a warm uncomfortable futon with someone for nights in a row. many crazy nights and silent days. i feel like i don’t know how to talk very well anymore.

but in paris cafes i suppose we could analyze that

i love the art museums, i wish i could afford to see them

mixes in waiting until i finish some for people

potential tape based record label in the works.



Local Yocals by joffory
April 23, 2010, 10:27 am
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So as i procrastinate my epic coachella youtube binge post, i would like you to examine the new music video from the oakland band Saything. They are one of the most solid rock bands I have seen around here and definitely have some of the grooviest math indie funk jams around. Their new album; which was recorded during their recent national tour, has just finished being mastered, so expect to hear more of them soon. For now: watch the video

it seems like everyone around is in that video, and if i hadnt been in at coachella id of been in there with a stupid look on my face im sure.


MIXTAPE number 4! (mix number 3 is available on tape only – details soon)
chill tunes for jammin and enjoying a ginger ale on a nice back patio in this warm oakland summer winter thing thats going on


track list:
Namagirapettai Krishnan – Gnanavinayagane-Nattai
Myelin Sheaths – Do The Mental Twist
Soli – Negar
Magnetic Fields – Two Characters In Search Of A Country Song
TuNe-YaRdS – Real Live Flesh
oOoOO – NoSummer4u
Mariah – Shinzo No Tobira
The XX – VCR (Matthew Dear Remix)
Golden Triangle – Neon Noose
Joy Division
– Disorder
Piero Umiliani – Nel Villaggio
Zeigenbock Kopf – I Dig Men/Men’s Room
Dog Bite – Brand New

download links updated as of 4/20/010

Winter by joffory
January 11, 2010, 6:19 pm
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Its been a cold few days, and a generally freezing 2010 so far. so it only makes sense that ive had an album done by the man Ben Frost on repeat.
this is some brilliant work. Tim Hecker with more movement, and more brood. Excellent production, and its fucking heavy. I like his ghostbuster references as well. Also: anything named By The Throat has to be good.


listen to it here at his bandcamp

oh and

oakland jokeland

Roberto Miguel

Marmalade Mountain

for once there is alot of good vibes around here.

New York I Love You, But You Brought Me down by joffory

so ive been traveling everywhere, going to update tomorrow more tomorrow. Saw warpaiint in LA, Julianna Barwick and Peaches in NY. shmooozed and boozed and boozed some more, and now I want to live in new york. pretty bad. but we shall see how that goes. every time im in new york I get the aforementioned LCD soundsystem song stuck in my head, if its good or bad. And now after it all with a brief Hiatus in oakland to see Grand Lake (whose EP i just recorded just came out, with full length in 2010), Man/Miracle, and the brilliant band id never heard of called Grandchildren from philadelphia. alas, no video. but good times with good friends. NOW im stuck 3 hours north of the bay area seeking solace and eating alot of food. I crave nightlife right now. I crave being productive.

and with cravings on my mind, I leave you with my newest obsession. Clytem Scanning from paris is very planning to rock ala fever ray styles that are so en vogue, but her voice is incredible, and its all just so perfectly put together; combined with the vibe that her myspace puts off and her artwork (she quite awesome collage if your into that)
its just nothing but good. Expect her to get quite big. I know it.

myspace link again here:

all three tracks are stunning, listen to them all!